Rose Bisogno is a costume designer based in New York City. Most recently, her designs have been featured in the Atlantic for Kids' Virtual Production of She Persisted. Previous design credits include James and the Giant Peach, The Big One-Oh, Brigadoon, Secret Garden, Children of Eden and Pins and Needles. 

When she is not moonlighting as a designer, you will find her working backstage On and Off Broadway, most recently on Beetlejuice the Musical

While Broadway shut down in 2020 due to Covid -19, Rose turned her childhood bedroom into a sewing room as a means to keep creative juices flowing.

Rose is originally from Brewster, NY. She graduated from the NYU Steinhardt's program in Vocal Performance -Musical Theater in 2014. And after working in the costume shop throughout her academic career, she has awarded herself an unofficial minor in costume studies. 

"When I approach a new project, my first thought is what is the 'Big Picture?' What is the story we are telling together? My second thought is, what are the tools I can give an actors in order to achieve that big picture? My background in acting ingrained an understanding that the clothes an actors wears on stage are an essential tool for them to tell the story. Thinking 'Oh it's cold out, that character should have a shawl' seems like a simple idea, but by providing a substantive clue into this make believe world, this make believe world suddenly becomes real. An actor can use that shawl to show a sudden shift in the weather or a psychological shift in their comfort. We are achieving that big picture by providing tangible and relatable access for the audience."

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